Humor at Bill's Expense

As one surfs the Internet, they are bound to find a personal web page dedicated to Microsoft or Bill Gates. Some of these sites see Gates as a visionary, a mastermind, and a genius; but the sites at the other end of this spectrum use words such as “greedy”, “manipulative”, and “evil”. Both types of sites exist, but the most prevalent are the Gates and Microsoft haters. Driven by envy, resentment, or possibly legitimate concern about Microsoft’s domination of the software market, Gates and Microsoft have become the object of more hateful hypertext than just about anything in cyberspace. One of the best places to look for anti-Microsoft material is the Anti-Microsoft Superlist. The Superlist provides links to more than 100 sites dedicated to attacking Bill Gates and Microsoft. And if one becomes very upset at Bill Gates or a Microsoft product they can vent their frustrations at the Punch Bill Gates site. Not even Gates’ newborn daughter can escape this hypertext ridicule as can be seen at Baby’s First Web Page. Other ill-will and parody sites include Microsoff (“Where do WE want YOU to go today") and the The Secret Diary of Bill Gates. Some even go as far as saying that Bill Gates is the Devil. Jealousy sites include Why Bill Gates is Richer than You, as well as the various wealth clocks that track Gates' personal income.

Through these sites it can be seen that there remains a great deal of mistrust and frustration in the human relationship with machines. One can also note that the great diversity of the Netizens who badmouth Gates and Microsoft are a testament of the company’s dominance of the computer software industry. These people have such strong feelings either one way or another that they deem it necessary to dedicate an entire site in appraisal or dismay of Microsoft. Through their acts it is clearly evident that Microsoft has had a very large impact on all computer users.

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