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[Historical Note:  Psybersite represents possibly the earliest example of student-generated educational content for the WWW, beginning with the publication of student projects for courses taught at Miami University by Richard Sherman in 1996 -- see examples a, b, and c.  For discussions of the pedagogical rationale and the important historical context of this approach, see Using the World Wide Web to teach applications of Social Psychology to everyday life(Sherman, 1998) , and Toward a "Miami Model" of internet-intensive higher education, (Wolfe et al., 1998). ]

Psybersite is a gateway to web tutorials on a variety of topics in the field of Psychology.   All of the educational modules available here have been created by advanced undergraduate and graduate students at Miami University.  They may be used for educational purposes, research, and general study, but please credit the authors and source.  All tutorials will remain viable through the year 2019, but are no longer being actively supported.  Creation of Psybersite was supported by a grant from the Learning Technologies and Enrichment Program at Miami University to Richard Sherman and Steve Hinkle.       

Current Selections
News & Humor:

Social Psychology in the News

Social Psychology in Humor



Internet Security

Home Shopping:  The Next Generation.  A Study of E-commerce

The Effects of the Internet on Higher Education

Mind in the Machine:  The Digital Age of Computer Consciousness

From the Flintstones to the Jetsons: The American Family in the New Millenium

Raised on the Net: The Effects of Computerization on the Next Generation

Big Business is Watching You

Microsoft & The Internet

Artificial Intelligence:  Time to Re-examine Ourselves

Implications of Online  Gaming

M.U.D.'s & IRC: Heroin of the Internet?

How Real is Computer Mediated Communication?

Folklore on the Internet

Software Agents



Social Psychology:

Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a Group Member

Bars: A Social Phenomenon

Discrimination in the Workplace

Primetime Stereotyping

Escalation of Commitment in Extreme Groups

Disney's View of the World

Taking Control of Our Lives:  The Far-Reaching Effects of Locus of Control

Racism on a College Campus

Physical Attraction

The Just World Hypothesis

The Psychology of Sports Fans: Why Your Favorite Team is "Your" Team

The Reality of Socioeconomic Status in American Society

Optimistic Bias in Perceiving Physical and Mental Health Risks

Social Psychological Factors Underlying the Impact of Advertising

Intergroup Bias in American Culture

Psychology & the Environment:

A Case Study in Psychology & Environmental Issues -- Maui, Hawaii:

Overdevelopment:  A Psychological Analysis

Values as Sources of Economic and Cultural Conflict

Ecotourism --Is it Really Worth It?

El Niņo & Psychology


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