Internet Security Survey

This survey is being conducted for a group research project in Psychology 380 - The Social Psychology of Cyberspace: Self and Community in the Age of the Internet at Miami University.  Questions and/or comments may be directed to Gina Cristofani at  The results of this survey and other research and current events related to Internet Security will eventually be linked through the MU Psychology Department home page at

Please answer all questions completely and truthfully.  All information is confidential and will be used solely for educational purposes.

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____18-25     ____26-35     ____36-45    ____46-55     ____56+

On average, do you use the Internet:

____ Never            ____Seldom            ____Occasionally      ____Often

On average, is your time on the Internet spent:

____Work-related only     ____Recreational only     ____Some of both

   The focus of this survey is on Internet Security. 
   How secure do you feel?

Please rate how secure you feel performing the following activities online.

            1 – very uneasy

            2 - skeptical

            3 - somewhat hesitant

            4 - mostly comfortable

            5 - very confident

  ____Online banking (giving account information, transferring funds etc)  

   ____E-commerce (purchasing products online, giving credit card numbers)

   ____Giving out personal information such as name and address to join clubs or organizations

  ____Giving out personal information to others met in chat rooms etc.

  ____Giving out e-mail address overall

  ____Booking flights, making hotel reservations, and other travel transactions

  ____E-trade (playing the stock market online)

  ____Downloading programs and music files onto your personal computer

  Are you aware of the recent hacking events that have been occurring?  ___yes ___no

If yes, how have these events affected how secure you feel dispensing information online?





     Thank you.
Please check back for the results and analysis of this survey.

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