Folklore and the Internet
Dan Imler,  Ben Nagy, TaraLyn Riordan,  & Asmeret Tekeste-Green








Specific examples


          Folklore, both oral and written, has served a social psychological function throughout man's history and clearly continues to predominates today with a number of urban myths still circulating through the public. Even though some folklorists have argued that technology has a tendency to eliminate certain types of folklore, computers and the Internet have proved to be a fertile ground for the spread and development of folklore, especially the lore known as "urban myths." This project will provide examples of some of the urban myths and folklore available on the Internet, including chain letters spread through electonic mail forwards and also examples of folklore readily found on World Wide Web sites.

This project was produced 5/1/98 for Psy380, Social Psychology of Cyberspace, Spring 1998, at Miami University.

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