Living in a Social World
Psy 324: Advanced Social Psychology
Miami University

Social Psychological Principles in Humor

These materials may be used for research, study, and education, but please credit the authors and source.

Our Current Selection for Your Reflection and Amusement:

Technology and Aggression:   Press 1...Press 2...Press 3.....

Selection & Analysis by
Scot Chappel, David Heineman
Jennifer Schmit, & Bobby Woods

BC by Johnny Hart

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Previous Selections (Still Available):

Reconstructing  Social Norms:  The Over-Medication of American Youth.  (With analysis by Stephanie Allen, Pamela Davis, Adam Richardson, & Brent Scott)

Interpersonal Communication:   The Pros and Cons of Internet Communication. (With analysis by Vince Beckman, Ashley Dickirson, Lisa Russell, & Michelle Scott)

Job Justification:  Just a Bunch of Hot Air.  (With analysis by Megan Bitsoff, Amy Gangloff Amber Ruth, & Andrea Serrott)

Dynamics of the Job Interview:   When Hope and Reality Collide.  (With analysis by Lucy Klaber, Yvette Otterman, Claudia Peschiera, & Don Shea)

Norms in Action:  Vikings' Version of "Simon Says." (With analysis by Jerry Greene, Ed Gries, Amanda Grantz, & Jessica Shuleva)

Gender Roles & Attractiveness:   Stigma of the "Ugly Single Male."  (With analysis by
Scott Constable, Amy Mackey, Zachary Shuler, & Michael Wise)

Social Relationships:  A Lack of Social Intelligence. (With analysis by Kristen Allodi, Carissa Mumy, Mike Rakauskas & Liz Stricklen)

Medicalization of Society:  Pill Poppin' Panacea(With analysis by Shyla Gorma, Seth Hall & Merritt Posten)

Selling the Dream:  Infomercial Mania (With analysis by Jonathan Batt, Julie Bollmer, Riki Evans & Jamie Schlabach)

Foot-in-the-Door,  Dissonance, and Hindsight:  The Power of the Internet (With analysis by Liz Carmona, Sascha Hansen, William Kramer, & Dawn Olson)

Attribution and Perception:  The Generation Gap Revisited  (With analysis by Nathan Brown, Chris Hendricks John Neal, & Michael Perry)

Helping Behavior: Altruism on the Far Side (With analysis by Kelley Guenther, James Lesniak, Angela Magnuson, & Kelly Underwood)

Attraction: Finding Perfection in a Modern World (With analysis by Ed Berger, Ben Krieger, and Jamie Tubbs)

Aggression: Calvin & Hobbes Go To War ( With analysis by Jon Gresko, Lynn Kennedy, and Missy Maxwell).

Reactance in Action:  No Machete Jugglin' Round Here! (Nonsequitur by Wiley, Washington Post 5/22/97)

Motivated Social Perception: Every Mother's Son (Nonsequitur by Wiley, Washington Post 1/14/97).

Interpersonal Relationships: Male Bonding (Nonsequitur by Wiley, Washington Post 1/14/97).

Ingratiation: The Glass Ceiling (Dilbert ,United Media 8/19/96)

Uncertainty: Expect the Unexpected (Nonsequitur by Wiley, Washington Post 7/29/96)

Attribution: Blame (Ed Stein, United Media 7/30/96 )

Attribution: "Good Morning --Not" (Nonsequitur by Wiley, Washington Post, 7/11/96)

Social Self: Modern Civil Rights Parade (Nonsequitur by Wiley, Washington Post, 7/4/96)

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