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Webs of Life

These pages are about "Webs of Life" -- both the intricate network of plants and animals that depend upon one another for survival, and the life-bringing webs that spiders use to catch their prey.

Gary Polis* is a scientist who studies the animals, plants, and insects that live on islands near Baja California in Mexico. Join him and explore three islands to learn about the webs of life. Then use what you've learned to describe a paradise island - for spiders! Meet a rainforest spider that's big and "bad" enough to eat birds for breakfast. (They're not really bad, just very hungry.) Closer to home, you can investigate backyard islands, communities of plants and animals in your schoolyard or backyard. And to find out more about spiders, click on our spider web links.

Investigate Islands Spider Paradise Island Bird-eating Spiders! Backyard Islands Spider Web Links Dragonfly Home

Photo courtesy of Ed Nieuwenhuys who maintains a wonderful spider page in The Netherlands.

* - Gary Polis died in a tragic accident while doing research in Baja.

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