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Water, Water Everywhere ...

Get Wet! Investigate Water!!

Water--the theme of these Dragonfly Web Pages--is extremely important to our lives and to our world. About three-fourths of the surface of the Earth is covered with water, and more than half of your body is made of water, too.

On these pages you will learn about dolphins and water striders, water pollution and water treatment. As an investigator, you can help scientists learn more about insects that walk on water, and why kids like to drink soda pop. You'll discover more about the Earth's water cycle, and we'll show you how to create your own miniature water cycles at home. Then we'll give you some ideas about how to use the mini water cycles to conduct your own investigations!

Make a Big Splash! Click on the icons below to begin.

Water pollution is a big problem. Learn what you can do to help prevent it. You can also learn about oil spills and clean up a virtual oil spill yourself.

What happens when you flush? Find out where the water goes, and take a ride in a miniature submarine to find a toy your brother flushed by mistake.

Learn about the Earth's water cycle. Create a mini water cycle that you can use to conduct your own investigations.

Read from 10-year-old Hilary Saunders' Dolphin Diaries. Find out what it's like to swim with these intelligent mammals.

Which do you like better: soda pop or milk? Help an investigator learn about what kids like to drink and why.

Have you ever seen an insect that walks on water? Learn about these amazing creatures, and help an investigator discover what makes them jump up from the water's surface.

Water Pollution Down the Tubes Make a Water Cycle Dolphin Diary What to Drink? Water Striders Dragonfly Home

Special thanks to the Center for Learning, Technology, and Assessment at the University of Arizona for use of the resources to create these pages.

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