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Past, Present, Future:
It's About Time!

There's no time like the present . . . to learn about time. We'll make a present of the past and give something to the future.

Ancient Time. How did the ancient Egyptians know when the Nile would flood? How did the ancient Chinese know when to start their New Year's celebration? How did the Aztec know which five days were unlucky? Learn about 6,000 years of timekeeping in this brief history of time.*

  The Exact Time. If two clocks are slightly different, how could you tell which clock was correct? Here you can find out about the most accurate clocks in the history of time. Learn about how an atomic clock works.

Beat the Clock. It's a race against time as you apply what you've learned about time to give yourself more time for your favorite activity.

Time Machine. Okay, so maybe time travel is not possible (at least not yet). But you can do the next best thing by creating a time capsule. What would you put in a "time machine" so that future generations could learn about you?

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* A big Dragonfly apology to Dr. Stephen W. Hawking.

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