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Houses is the theme of this edition of the Dragonfly Web Pages. Whether you live in an old abandoned shell, use nature's velcro to make your home, or hang upside down in a barn, everyone needs a home. Click on the pictures below to learn more about the ways different animals make their houses. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!

Hermit Crab Houses and Their Stinging Guests. See what its like to make your house from the shell of a dead snail. Learn how hermit crabs use "hospitality" protect themselves from the dreaded octopus. Find out how to pronounce sea "anemone."

Feathering Your Nest. Find out how the long-tailed tit uses more than 600 spider egg cocoons and 200 beak loads of moss to make its nest. Learn why it takes 1,600 feathers to keep its chicks warm. Discover how far the bird has to travel to collect all of those feathers.

Where Bats Hang Out. Learn about the lifestyles of the warm and batty. Find out where bats live and what happens to them in winter. Help scientist Jacqueline Belwood map out where different kinds of bats live.

Hermit Crab
Bird Nest
Roosting Bats


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