Updating Email/Calendars for MiamiOH.edu

To prepare your email account for the change to @MiamiOH.edu, you have had a uniqueid@MiamiOH.edu alias automatically created for you (as well as an @MiamiOH.edu address for each of your aliases), but you will need to change that alias to become your primary account.  To do this, please use the following steps:

  1. Go to http://community.muohio.edu/phpapps/directory/
  2. In the left column, click the log in link and enter your UniqueID and password
  3. In the left column, click the muConnect link
  4. Scroll down the page to access the “Email aliases” section
  5. Click the radio button next to uniqueid@miamioh.edu (or another @miamioh alias) to make it your primary or default address
  6. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Please do not make changes to the Account information in your mail client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.).

This will now be your new outgoing email address, however, you will continue to receive messages sent to any of the alias addresses you use, including uniquid@muohio.edu.

Please note that this change may cause problems with sending messages to other services, such as a LISTSERV.  A change has been made to the Miami LISTSERV that should address this issue, however, you may encounter problems sending messages to some outside of Miami.  To correct this, you can either re-subscribe to the LISTSERV with your new email address, or you can reset your primary email to what is registered with that LISTSERV.

Most users will not have to make any additional adjustments, however for users that are having issues with mail still being sent out as muohio.edu, please send the error message or bounce back message to IT Help or call 513-529-7900. See below for additional information about this change.

Calendar Issues for Macs

There appears to be an issue with shared calendars in Outlook for Mac and iCal.  If you use a shared calendar in either application, after someone has changed their primary email address to an @MiamiOH.edu address, anyone who has a shared calendar with that individual will not see changes to the calendar.  Anyone who changes their primary email to an @MiamiOH.edu address will need to un-share and then re-share their calendar.

For information on sharing calendars, please visit the IT Help solutions below:

Opening a Shared Exchange Calendar in Outlook 2011

Viewing a shared calendar in iCal (OS X)

Authenticating to Outlook 2010

For Windows computers using Outlook 2010, users will need to continue to authenticate to the system with their muohio.edu email address in the User field.

Mobile Devices

If you have an OS X device (iPad, iPhone) and it is setup for Exchange, the transition should be fine.  If you discover issues, please use the following IT Help solution to set it up, and you will need to continue to use muohio.edu as your email and server name.


If the mobile device is setup as pop/imap, and is not sending/recieving mail properly, remove the account from the mobile device and set up the account again.  You will need to continue using muohio.edu for your email address and server name.  This should resolve any issue with the device.  Here are IT Help solutions for some popular devices: 

POP/IMAP Instructions


Android Devices



Personal Google Apps Accounts

Faculty and staff are asked to not use their MiamiOH.edu address to create or connect to any new or existing personal Google Apps accounts as it may complicate the University’s conversion of email accounts to a Google-based system later this academic year.  Conflicting accounts only occur when you create a personal Google account linked to an email address created by your organization, in this case @MiamiOH.edu.

If you create a personal Google account linked to your MiamiOH.edu address and then an account is created during the migration of faculty, staff and students to Google apps linked to your MiamiOH.edu address, there will be two separate accounts linked with the same email address.  In this scenario, there will be a conflict since two Google accounts cannot have the same email address.  To resolve the conflict, users must rename their personal Google account address and if applicable, migrate their data to the Google apps account.

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