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As of May 4, 2014, Miami implemented Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) around certain resources to reduce the potential of security breaches and theft. Read more about why Miami is implementing TFA.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (also known as Two-Step Verification or Multi-Factor Authentication), is based on the idea that you will use two items (factors) to log into certain Miami services or applications. These two factors are

  • Something you know--your Miami password; and
  • Something you have--a single-use verification code.

When you use your Miami UniqueID and password to log in to certain Miami services or applications, you will be prompted to enter a second factor: a six-digit single-use verification code. The code changes with every login and can be used only one time.

How will it work?

1. To get started, enroll in Two-Factor. You can also enroll at the time you access one of the protected resources listed below. Enrollment lets you choose how to receive codes and takes about 10 minutes.

  • When accessing certain forms needed for tax purposes (W2, 1098T, etc.)
  • When changing direct deposit information (new account or bank, etc.)
  • (Beginning May 21) When submitting midterm and final grades to Banner via BannerWeb or the Niihka Send Grades to Banner option. Changes made to grades in the Photo Roster will also be protected by Two-Factor Authentication.

2. Enter a Two-Factor code to access a protected resource. This code can be delivered to you through any of the following methods:

  • a set of printed codes
  • a voice phone call
  • SMS (text-message)
  • a smartphone authenticator app (Google Authenticator)

IMPORTANT: None of the phone numbers collected through an individual's enrollment in Two-Factor Authentication will be shared with any other applications or offices.

If none of these options are available to you, there are additional methods to ensure that you can access the documents you need. You can also “trust” a browser so that you are not prompted again to enter your code for a period of 30 days.

Information and tutorials:

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Help your organization or department learn more


Representatives from IT Services are available to present to departments and organizations to answer your questions. To request a Two-Factor Authentication presentation for your group, please email Randy Hollowell.

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