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TEDx Miami University is a collaborative effort between the Farmer School and the School of Education, Health, and Society, led by event organizers Dr. Doris Bergen and Dr. Dennis Sullivan. The costs of this event were substantially defrayed by a gift from alumnus Jim Gilligan '80.

“We’re Not fighting! We’re SAVING!”:
Understanding Early Childhood Education

- Debora Wisneski

The Extraordinary Return on Investment in High-Quality Preschool

– Larry Schweinhart

Desegregation and (Un)Equal Opportunity:
A Story About School Resources

– Rucker Johnson

Kindergarten Today: Is the Match Between High-stakes Outputs and Low-impact Inputs Cost-effective?

– Doris Fromberg

Investing in Kids: Early Childhood Programs and Local Economic Development

– Timothy Bartik

The Fetal Origins of Success

– Douglas Almond

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.