Site Management

In using Dreamweaver, site management is crucial or the links you put into your document may not work. Here are three options for managing your site so that the links will work:

  1. Work on your site in a computer lab that has Dreamweaver on its machines. Kamm Lab in King Library definitely has it; other labs may or may not. In this case, you will need to Define your Web site in a Lab each time you work.
  2. Work on your site at home, on an unwired computer (i.e., one that doesn't get email or the Internet), and go to the lab occasionally, transfering files from a floppy disk onto your M-Drive. In this case, you will Synchronize your Sites.
  3. Work on your site at home, on a wired computer -- one on which you CAN get email and the Internet. Make sure that you are on line when you work on your Web site in Dreamweaver. In this case, you can set up Remote Access as part of your Site Defnition on your home compuer, and, in this case, you will only need to define your site ONCE!