Metaphor's Influence on Feeling and Thought

Assignment 1

Lakoff and Johnson's Metaphors We Live By suggests that ordinary ways of speaking reveal cultural values. Speaking "literally," we will often say, "She is falling in love." Clearly, then, our society thinks about loving as falling. What aspects of love are highlighted and what aspects of it are hidden by the "love = falling" metaphor? What effects does that metaphorical equation have on how we act and think about love?


Assignment 2

Usually, in ordinary speech, we metaphorically equate anger with fire or dynamite: "He just exploded with rage." What aspects of anger are highlighted or hidden by the "anger = dynamite" metaphor? Blake offers another metaphor for anger in his poem "A Poison Tree." What is it? What aspects of anger does Blake's new metaphor highlight or hide? If Blake's metaphor informed are ordinary language, what kinds of sentences would we ordinarily say? Write a few.