Professor Laura Mandell
Department of English
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056
(Ph) 513-529-5276
(FAX) 513-529-1392

  1. Go to the Miami MOO.
  2. If you have been made into a player by your professor, you will receive an email containing your USERID and password.
  3. If not, log in as a guest by simply clicking on the default login which should have "Guest" as USERID.
  4. Make certain to enable pop-ups on your browser or you won't be able to login. Usually, the blocked pop-up sign is along a slender bar toward the top of the browser, making use of that universal prohibited sign.
  5. Define or redefine yourself as a guest and/or player, giving yourself a name, gender, and description. If you wish to change this at any time, you may do so by clicking on the Options button toward the top of the screen. The Options window will also allow you to change your password to something you can remember. You can put pictures in your self description as well.
  6. Go to Information Highway where we will meet to Chat. If you get lost at any time, type @join Laura in the Left-hand Frame, bottom, with the "Normal" button clicked.


The screen is split into three sections:

  1. Right-Hand Frame: You will move around in the MOO by clicking on exits that appear in the right-hand partition. That right-hand frame is a web page, in effect -- you'll see pictures, things, descriptions of places, links to click on, and the names of other people who are currently on the MOO. (If you click on them, you get a description of their character.)
  2. Left-Hand Frame--Top: This screen describes in words the moves you are making as you "walk" through the MOO. Also, things that people on the MOO "say" to you, and the things you "say" to them, will appear in that screen. It has a scroll bar in case you want to go back to see something said earlier. Anything you say in a room can be heard by everyone in the room (unless you "whisper" to a particular person; click on "Help" at the top of the screen to find out more about that).
  3. Left-Hand Frame--Bottom: The lower left-hand screen is where you will type things that you wish to do and say.
    1. Click on "say" towards the middle of the screen so that anything you type will be said to people in the room.
    2. "Emote" allows you to type things that you want your MOO body to do. If you click on "emote," and type, "shrugs," you will see appear in the upper-left-hand screen: "Laura shrugs."
    3. "Normal" allows you to type commands. For instance, if you get lost exploring the MOO and cannot find my office, you can type: @join [character name] -- you will be "teleported" to wherever that character is in the MOO. @who allows you to see who is logged onto the MOO with you at the present time, as does clicking on the "Who" button toward the top of the screen.

GO TO Basic Commands

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Please comment on the intelligibility of these instructions: Laura Mandell