Some MOO commands that might be useful, to be typed in the lower left-hand screen:



wh*isper “[anything]” to [player name]

page [player] [message]


@join [playername]

How to build a room:

1) Click "Create New Object"
2) Click "Rooms"
3) Click "Generic Room"
4) Type a name for the room
5) Click "Save Changes" -- you may have to scroll down to see the "Save Changes" button
6) Write down the object number of the room
7) Click "Select Edit Option" and choose "Description"
8) Type in what you want people to see when they enter your room. You can go back and revise the text anytime.
9) Click "Save Changes"
10) Click "Go to the room" to see what you've created. You may have to hit the "Look" button above once there to refresh before you'll see what you've done.


How to decorate a room:

To start decorating your room, click on the pencil icon at the top of the screen. The two most useful things to use are "Edit Description" and "Edit Multi-Media Content":

- "Edit Description" allows you to modify the text every user will see when they enter your room.
- "Edit Multi-Media Content" allows you to add an image to the page. To do this, you can find an image on the internet (begin with the links provided in the Computer Room), and do one of the following:
# If you are using a Windows-based machine, right click on the image and select "Copy Shortcut As...", then go back to the MOO and press Ctrl+V (to paste)
# If you are using a Mac, use Command-Click and select "Copy Shortcut As...", then go back to the MOO and click Apple+V (to paste)

Want something more permanent?  You can save the image in your UDS space and then put in the url to that image.



add images:

<img src="http://www. . . [pictureurl].jpg" align="center" height=200 width=200/>

add sound:

<embed src=""  width=150 height=60 autostart="true" loop="true" type="audio/wav"></embed>

Change the last three depending upon whether you want the music to start automatically when people come into the room, whether you want it to keep playing over and over again, and what type of file it is (it might be "audio/mp3" for instance