Highlight in your text any word or words (or even images) that you want to be clickable -- that is, that you want to link to your page or to another page in your site.

Then type in the link box on the bottom left-hand side of the Properties box:

  • either the name of the page in your M-space (inlinks)
    • it might be a good idea to use the file-folder icon to the right of the Link box to find the name of the page or image you wish to link to in your own site in case it is in a subdirectory or subfolder
    • you do not have to have yet made the page in order to put in its file name ("bio.htm") -- just make sure, when you actually do make the page, to save it with the correct file name or your link will not work.
  • or the full URL for the page you wish to link to (outlinks)

These two different kinds of links are called "inlinks" and "outlinks." Make sure to have a higher proportion of the former then of the latter in order to justify having your site at all!