Define a Site

  • When you use Dreamweaver in a lab, you will be forced to define your site everytime you use the lab. If you get good at it, you will be able to do so quickly. Make sure, before starting, that in your M-Drive you have a folder made for this Web site, and in that folder is another folder called "images."


  • Various versions of Dreamweaver have various dialogue boxes for defining a site, but here are the key elements:
        1. You don't need to worry about server software such as includes, so check "no" if asked about that.
        2. Selecting the path to your Local site: First make sure that the path box is empty. In Windows, click on the file folder icon to the right of the path box, navigating by clicking the up-folder icon until you get to "My Computer," and then selecting your M-Drive. If that M-drive is not there under "My Computer," you have not successfully logged onto Miami's network -- you'll have to exit dreamweaver, saving the file temporarily on the desktop without first defining a site, and then shut down / start up, logging on.

3. Select the path to your Remote site: in doing this, you may wish to save your work onto a floppy disk that you bring to the lab. Make certain to make a folder just like the one you made on the M-Drive on the floppy, containing the "images" folder as well:

4. Whatever you do, when defining sites, DO NOT enable the "Check Out / Check In" feature. Doing so will deprive of you of write capacity (the ability to edit or add to your Web page on the floppy).