Inserting Images

To make inserting images very easy, do the following:

  • First save the document you are working on; that way, the local URLs will work.
  • Second make certain that you can see the tool bar at the top under the Dreamweaver toolbar (containing "File," "Edit," etc.), the one that contains the Images icon:

If you cannot see it, click on "View," then "Toolbars," then "Document." If you still cannot see it, click on the arrow next to Insert so that it is pointing down, and then click on the "Common" tab.

  • Get your images in two ways:

    1. If you grab them from somewhere on the web or scan them in yourself, make certain that you have saved the images in your "public.www" folder. You can make a folder within that folder called "images" and keep them all there.
    2. If you wish to leave them on the Internet (some of them are huge files that will take all your M-Drive disk space), you can click on the Image Icon:


    Instead of selecting an image from your images folder, type in the URL in the box labeled "URL" near the bottom of the "Select Image Source" box.