commonplace-book (from the OED):

Formerly Book of common places (see COMMON-PLACE n. 3). orig. A book in which ‘commonplaces’ or passages important for reference were collected, usually under general heads; hence, a book in which one records passages or matters to be especially remembered or referred to, with or without arrangement.

1578 COOPER Thesaurus Introd., A studious yong man..may gather to himselfe good furniture both of words and approved phrases..and to make to his use as it were a common place booke. 1599 MARSTON Sco. Villanie III. xi. 226 Now I haue him, that..Hath made a common-place booke out of playes, And speakes in print. 1642 FULLER Holy & Prof. St. III. x. 176 A Common-place-book contains many notions in garrison, whence the owner may draw out an army into the field. 1668 HALE Pref. Rolle's Abr., I have commended the making and using of a Common~place-Book, as the best expedient that I know, for the orderly and profitable study of the Law. a1794 GIBBON Autobiog. 83, I..filled a folio commonplace-book with my collections and remarks on the geography of Italy. 1837-9 HALLAM Hist. Lit. II. II. i. 35 note, They..registered all his table-talk in commonplace-books alphabetically arranged.


-- It is a bit like Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

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