4. A covert, implied, or indirect reference; a passing or incidental reference (cf. ALLUDE v. 5).

1612 DRAYTON Poly-olb. A2 The verse oft, with allusion, as supposing a full knowing reader, lets slip. 1624 GATAKER Transubst. 95 With more special allusion and application to the water of Baptism. 1703 MAUNDRELL Journ. Jerus. (1732) 142 Those frequent allusions made to them in the Word of God. 1766 SIR A. MITCHELL in Ellis Orig. Lett. II. 515 IV. 499 His..Majesty smiling, said, I understand your allusion. 1790 PALEY Hor. Paul. I. I. 5 The frequent allusions to the incidents of his private life. 1824 DIBDIN Libr. Comp. 214 To which some allusion has been made in a preceding page. 1855 MACAULAY Hist. Eng. IV. 730 A very intelligible allusion to the compromise proposed by France.