Basic MOO Commands

Notes: (1) Square brackets mean you should substitute appropriate text (without the brackets). (2) If you use the Web Gateway, many of these commmands will not be necessary, since you will be able to "point and click" in the web window.

connect [name] [password] Logs you into the MOO
@quit Logs you out of the MOO
@who Gives you a list of everyone who's logged in and where they are
say (abbreviated ") [text] (e.g. 'say hi' or "hi) how you talk to people in the same room as you are; others see "[your name] says [text]"
page [character] with [message] how you talk to people in rooms other than the one you're in
emote (abbreviated :) [text] (e.g. 'emote smiles' or :smiles) prepends your name to whatever text you type and prints it to everyone else in the room; this is how you "do" things in the MOO
look (or 'look here') gives a description of the room
look [object] gives a description of an object or detail. This includes other people!
look me gives a description of your character -- you need to describe yourself!
@describe me as "[your description here]" sets your character's description. @describe is also used to describe rooms (@describe here as "whatever") and other objects you own.
@rename me to [new_name] renames your character, so long as you haven't chosen a name already in use; @rename also works for other objects and rooms that you own
@gender [male | female] sets your character's gender (which is neuter by default; there *are* other choices -- type @gender to see them)
@realname [charactername] (e.g. @realname Camilla) use this to find out who the people you're talking to really are
[exit name] moves you through the named exit
@go [room name] (NEW!) moves you to the room in question (assuming there are not more than one with that name)
@join [player name] takes you to the current location of the named player (unless the location is locked)
help gives a list of MOO help indices
help [index name] lists topics on which help is available
help [whatever] gives help on [whatever], if available
@password [old] [new] changes your password (impt. to do on your first log in)
@examine [obj] gives more info. about an object (including 'verbs' defined on it)
take [obj] pick something up
take [obj] from [another obj] take something from a container
put [obj] in [obj] put it back
give [obj] to [player] just what it says
news lets you read the MOO news

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