Technology and Identity

Concepts of Self

Assignment 1

Describe several encounters you had with several very different kinds of people today, noting for each one when you were sincere and when insincere, when you were simply being yourself and, conversely, when you were thinking about the impression you were making on the person to whom you were speaking. Is Goffman right to say that our personality is a "mask"? Is he right to argue that we shift personalities for the sake of best representing ourselves to others? If so, is Eve completely unlike "normal" people?


Assignment 2

Do you speak in different ways when with different sets of people? If so, describe those various ways; describe how you speak differently to different audiences (professors, peers, parents, etc.). Reread what you wrote: in which group -- speaking which "language" -- are you most sincerely yourself? Are other parts of yourself represented to the other groups also truly you?