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  • Historical Information
  • Finding a Graduate School and Funding It
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  • Finding Internships
  • Professional Mathematics Organizations
  • Other Networking Sources

  • Historical Information
    Mathematicians of the African Diaspora---
    Women in Math Project---
    The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives---
    Finding a Graduate School that is right for you
    Graduate School Survivor Information ---
    This is a 13 chapter on-line booklet on everything from finding the right graduate school in computer science and mathematics, to jobs in government and industry. The author also discusses such mundane topics as applying for graduate school, the life of a graduate student and professional ethics.
    Compare Ph.D. granting institutions ---

    This is a site strictly for science, math and engineering careers. If you are looking for the right graduate school, you can actually choose what parameters you wish to compare. Number of minorities granted Ph.D.'s? Number of women granted Ph.D.'s? Size of campus? Student/Prof ratio? Small town vs. City? This site also has articles on career development for mathematicians!

    The AMS publishes a book called Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences every year. 

    Here are a few Fellowship Opportunities to get you started:

    Ford Foundation

    National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering & Science

    National Physical Science Consortium

    National Science Foundation

    Southern Regional Education Board

    The National Academy of Sciences

    The National Security Agency

    The Census Bureau

    American Mathematical Society  The 2009 "Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences" book in a free .pdf format.

    Summer undergraduate research experiences

    Follow the NSF link for a full list of undergraduate research programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation

    Summer Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Research Institute---SUMSRI
        A seven-week program for minorities and women undergraduates interested in pursuing advanced degrees in mathematics and statistics.

    Summer Program for Women in Mathematics ---SPWM
        a five-week intensive program for mathematically-talented undergraduate women who are completing their junior year and may be contemplating graduate study in the mathematical sciences.

    Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates 
        An intensive four-week mathematics program for women finishing their sophomore year.

    Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute
         For those considering research careers in the mathematical sciences; Diversity being sought; application available on-line.

    Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI)
        A summer research program designed to encourage undergraduates to pursue advanced degrees in math and sciences and facilitate the access of graduate studies for Chicano, Latino, Native American and other minority students in the sciences.

    Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters ( MASS )
        Note:  This program is held during the fall semester.

    Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) at Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), Los
         Angeles, CA

    NASA Academy
        Three separate programs: Goddard Space Flight Center, Ames Research Center, and Dryden Flight Research Center; online applications available.

    NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program at Glenn Research Center.

    Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) & Park City Math Institute PCMI
        This program brings together women in Mathematics from the undergraduate level to the Ph.D. level to study a different concept in mathematics every year.  Support is provided.

    Finding Internships and Fellowships

    Internships are often seen by employers as entry level positions.  It is a way for them to check out your abilities and work habits.  For any internship, be sure to find out a few things before agreeing to take the internship. Will you have to find your own housing? Will the internship pay? What will your internship entail? If it's just copying and getting coffee, look further. Remember to apply early. Many internships have November deadlines. Don't forget to ask around. Local companies often have unadvertised internships or can create them.

    For internships in math and science:

    The National Security Agency

    AT&T Labs 

    The Department of Energy

    The National Institutes of Health


    NASA Glenn Research Center  in Cleveland, OH, has internships for high school through PhD levels of study.  

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics

    The Census Bureau

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

    The Department of Defense

    Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Central Intelligence Agency

    AMS has a more complete list of internships.   (The links on this page may be out of date, but the listing of companies is still good.)

    For more general or business related internships:

    InRoads, Inc. --  helps minority students find internships and corporate mentorships
    This is a good place to start. This site separates internships from regular jobs. It has several search criteria and corporate profiles.
    Mathematics Organizations: These organizations can help you network to find jobs, find other people with your research interests and build a mathematics community.

    Young Mathematicians Network (YMN)

    This is an interesting collection of new mathematicians looking for good career jobs. They meet at the annual joint math meetings.  They publish a monthly journal called Concerns of Young Mathematicians that has articles about the job search process, graduate school and first faculty position articles.
    National Association of Mathematicians (NAM)
    Looking for African American mathematicians? This is for you. NAM sponsors an undergraduate MathFest  as well as Regional Faculty Conferences on Research and Teaching Excellence.  Unfortunately, this site is not updated with information on upcoming events. It is a good starting point though and you can get the information on upcoming conferences by contacting the webmaster.
    Conference for African Americans Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences CAARMS
    This conference is a great way to listen to some of the best African American mathematics researchers in business and academe.
    Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
    The mission of SACNAS is to encourage Chicano/Latino and Native American students to pursue graduate education and obtain the advanced degrees necessary for research careers and science teaching professions at all levels.
    American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)
    Nurtures building of community by bridging science and technology with traditional Native values. Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for American Indians and Native Alaskans to pursue studies in science, engineering, business and other academic arenas.
    American Mathematical Society (AMS)
    Offers MathSciNet-a guide to mathematical reviews on the web. Has a good bookstore, job search helps and more. Publishes the Journal of the AMS and Notices .
    Mathematics Association of America (MAA)
    Sponsors SUMMA (Strengthening Underrepresented Minority Mathematics Achievement), Women and Mathematics Network and other quality professional development programs. Also sponsors Math Horizons Magazine and a bookstore.
    Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
    Has professional opportunities listing and publishes journals in many specialized areas of mathematics.
    Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM)
    If you are looking for professional women in mathematics and what they are doing, this is your place. Many helps for women pursuing math as a career.
    Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
    Provides information about the INstitute For Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS),
    including some of the journals it puts out, conferences, etc.
    Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB)
    Provides a forum for discussion of research in biology, mathematical-biology, and mathematics applied to or motivated by biology. Interdisciplinary research such as biophysics, computational biology, and many other similar realms are a growing part of the discussion.  Links to the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.
    Society of Actuaries (SOA)
    If actuarial science is your thing, this is the site.  Articles, conferences, books, career advice.  It's all here.
    American Statistical Association (ASA)
    For the statistician, this site has it all.  Professional development, Center for Statististics Education, meetings and other helpful aid is available here.
    For more information about math & science organizations, see  

    Other Networking Sources

    Black Collegian
        Excellent articles for guidance as you are looking for a graduate school or your first job.  Based on the Black Collegian magazine, it is backed with 30 years of experience.

    HBCU Network
        This site is new but being aggressively networked, so it is growing.  Has channels for education and careers.  Be sure to look at its networking opportunities to increase your network.
        This site has a good career site with links to companies that are hiring, profiles of those companies and others. I hope this site is also growing.

    Montage Diversity, Inc
        Montage recruits and supports minority teachers for private prep schools (mostly on the east coast).  They can also help those they recruit in finding schools that will cover tuition to grad school, or transition into the business world.

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