Miami University
Sociology & Gerontology

Faculty & Staff

Ronald E. Bulanda  

Associate Professor of Sociology


374 Upham Hall








PhD Sociology

Bowling Green State University


MA Sociology

Bowling Green State University


BA Sociology and Psychology

Millikin University

Areas of Specialization

Marriage and families; demography; social psychology.



Recent Publications

 Schroeder, Ryan., Ronald E. Bulanda, Peggy C. Giordano, and Stephen A. Cernkovich. (2010). "Parenting and Adult Criminality: Assessing the Mediating Function of Emotional Development." Journal of Adolescent Research, 25, 64-98.



 Bulanda, Ronald E. (2010). "Poverty and Parenting Style among Black Married Couples." In C. Green and R. Coles (Eds.) The Myth of the Missing Black Father (pp. 47-64). Columbia University Press.



 Bulanda, Ronald E. and Stephen Lippmann. (2009). "Wrinkles in Parental Time with Children: Work, Family Structure, and Gender." Michigan Family Review, 13, 5-20.



 Lippmann, Stephen, Ronald E. Bulanda, and Theodore C. Wagenaar. (2009). "Student Entitlement: Issues and Strategies for Confronting Entitlement in the Classroom and Beyond." College Teaching, 57, 197-204.



 Bulanda, Ronald E. and Debarun Majumdar. (2009). "The Influence of Parent-Child Relations on Adolescent Well-Being." Journal of Child and Family Studies, 18, 203-212.



 Bulanda, Ronald E. and Wendy D. Manning. (2008). "Parental Cohabitation Experiences and Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes." Population Research and Policy Review, 27, 593-618.



Bulanda, Ronald E. (2007). "Beyond Provisions:  The Relationship between Poverty and Parenting among Single Mothers."  Marriage and Family Review, 42, 63-86.



 Manning, Wendy D. and Ronald E. Bulanda.  (2006). "Cohabitation and Measurement of Family Trajectories."  In L. Casper and S. Hofferth (Eds.) Measurement Issues in Family Demography.  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.



Bulanda, Ronald E. (2004). “Paternal Involvement with Children: The Influence of Gender Ideologies.” Journal of Marriage and Family, 66, 40-45.