Miami University
Sociology & Gerontology

Faculty & Staff

Jiexia (Elisa) Zhai  


372 Upham Hall








PhD Sociology

University of Texas at Austin


M.A. Sociology

University of Texas at Austin


B.A. Sociology

Peking University

Areas of Specialization

Religion, family, China and East Asia, immigration, health



Recent Publications

 Zhai, Jiexia Elisa. "Contrasting Trends of Religious Markets in Contemporary Mainland China and Taiwan," Journal of Church and State. Forthcoming.



Zhai, Jiexia Elisa and Charles E. Stokes. (2009). "Ethnic, Family, and Social Contextual Influences on Asian American Adolescents' Religiosity." Sociological Spectrum, 29(2), 201-226.



Zhai, Jiexia Elisa, Christopher G. Ellison, Charles E. Stokes, and Norval D. Glenn. (2008). "'Spiritual, but Not Religious': The Impact of Parental Divorce on the Religious and Spiritual Identities of Young Adults in the United States." Review of Religious Research. vol 49(4): p379-394.



 Zhai, Jiexia Elisa, Christopher G. Ellison, Norval Glenn, and Elizabeth Marquardt. (2007). "Parental Divorce and Religious Involvement among Young Adults." Sociology of Religion. vol 68:2 125-144.



Zhai, Jiexia Elisa, Jiangbo Huang, Dedong Wei, and Carson Mencken.  (2008). "ESVIC Survey Report 1: Introduction for the Empirial Studies of Values in China Survey."



Zhai, Jiexia Elisa and Carson Mencken. (2008). "ESVIC Survey Report II: Data Validity Comparisons between the Empirical Studies of Values in China Survey and China Census Data."