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J. Scott Brown

Associate Professor of Gerontology
Director of Graduate Studies
Scripps Research Fellow


374 Upham Hall






Scott Brown



PhD Sociology

Duke University


MA Sociology

Duke University


MS Applied Sociology

Clemson University


BA History, Sociology

Furman University

Areas of Specialization

Life course and aging, with emphasis on demographic assessment of mortality and morbidity, and welfare state effects on wealth and health inequalities.



Selected Publications

S. Hitlin, J.S. Brown, and G.H. Elder, Jr. (2007).  "Measuring Latinos:  Racial Classification and Self-Understandings." Social Forces 86:587-611.



J.S. Brown, S.O. Meadows and G.H. Elder, Jr. (2007).  "Racial Inequality and Psychological Distress: Depressive Symptoms from Adolescence to Young Adulthood."  Developmental Psychology, 43:1295-1311.



J.S. Brown, S. Hitlin and G.H. Elder, Jr. (2007).  "The Importance of Being 'Other':  A natural Experiement About Lived Race Over Time."  Social Science Research, 36:159-174.



S. Hitlin, J.S. Brown, and G.H. Elder, Jr. (2006).  "The Social Process of Racial Identity Development Across Adolescence:  Monoracial vs. Multiracial Pathways."  Child Development, 77:1298-1308.



J.S. Brown, S. Hitlin, and G.H. Elder, Jr. (2006).  "The Greater Complexity of Lived Race:  An Extension of Harris and Sim."  Social Science Quarterly, 87:411-431.



 S.O. Meadows, J.S. Brown and G.H. Elder, Jr. (2006).  "Depressive Symptoms Stress, and Support:  Gendered Trajectories from Adolescence to Young Adulthood."  The Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 35:93-103.



 J.S. Brown (2005).  "Examining the Adoption on Old-Age Security Programs in the Developing World."  Sociological Perspectives, 48:505-529.



 S.M. Lynch and J.S. Brown (2005).  "A New Approach to Estimating Life Tables with Covariates and Constructing Interval Estimates of Life Table Quantities."  Sociological Methodology, 35:177-225.



 J.S. Brown and S.M. Lynch (2004).  "Race, Aging and Health:  This History and Future of the Double Jeopardy Hypothesis."  Contemporary Gerontology, 10:105-109.



 S.M. Lynch, J.S. Brown and K.G. Harmsen (2003).  "Black-White Differences in Mortality Deceleration and Compression and the Mortality Crossover Reconsidered."  Research on Aging, 25:456-483.



 S.M. Lynch, J.S. Brown and K.G. Harmsen (2003).  "The Effect of Altering ADL Thresholds on Active Life Expectancy Estimates Among Older Persons."  The Journal of Gerontology:  Social Sciences, 58:S171-S178.



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