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Testing Services Overview

The Division of Student Affairs coordinates and offers a range of national tests (CLEP, MAT, ACT, GRE Subject Area, Praxis, and LSAT) on the Miami campus and also provides proctoring services for students taking courses through distance learning.

Fee: The cost for proctoring is $20.00 per exam per two (2) hour block. If an exam is scheduled to take more than 2 hours, the proctoring fee could be higher. The fee can be paid with check (preferred), bursar charge (for students enrolled at Miami University), or cash.

Scheduling: Exam services are available Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM until late afternoon (exams need to be scheduled so that they are finished by 5:30 PM). Examinees should contact the office two weeks before you want to take the exam to have the best opportunity to schedule the exam.

It is usually not a problem to schedule an exam within the two week timeframe. However, the last two weeks of a term or the last week of January or February have increased demand due to various deadlines the examinee faces.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

PDF brochure for CLEP at Miami University.

Credit is given for satisfactory scores on some CLEP Subject Examinations. Tests are scored by the CollegeBoard. Because there is a fee for each test, we encourage you to take them only if you have the equivalent knowledge of a college course in the subject area, and we strongly recommend that you discuss with your academic advisor how the CLEP exam will count toward your degree.

The CLEP exams are offered on the Miami University - Hamilton campus, which operates an open CLEP testing center (tests are offered to university students as well as to members of the community who are not enrolled at Miami University). Contact the Advising and Retention Services office at (513) 785-3129. For more information about CLEP, visit the CLEP website at the CollegeBoard. The CLEP exam can be taken at any testing site and the score reported to Miami University.

The CLEP is a computer-based exam, it takes approximately two hours, and you will receive a preliminary score report at the end of the exam.

The CLEP is not offered at the Miami Unversity - Oxford, Middletown, or VOA campus.

Cost for the CLEP exam is a total of $100.00

$20.00 for Miami University administrative fee (payable with cash, check, or bursar charge).

$80.00 for College Board/CLEP payable with check or credit/debit card.

CLEP credit awarded is listed below - no partial credit is awarded.

American Government: credit for POL 101 (3 hours) for score of 55.

Business Technology: credit for Financial Accounting, Introduction to Business Law, Information Systems & Computer Applications, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing with a score of 50 or above.

Calculus with Elementary Functions: credit for MTH 151 (5 hours) for score of 50.

College French, Levels I and II: credit for FRE 201, 202 (6 hours) for score of 50.

College Level Spanish Language: credit for SPN 201, 202 (6 hours) for score of 66. For a score above 75, see the Spanish Department.

General Chemistry: credit for CHM 141, 142, 144, 145 (10 hours) for score of 55.

Human Growth and Development: credit for PSY 231 (3 hours) for a score of 63.

Introductory Psychology: credit for PSY 111 (4 hours) for score of 54.

Introductory Sociology: credit for SOC 151 (4 hours) for score of 55.

For more information about the CLEP, visit the CLEP/CollegeBoard website.

Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

The MAT exam is used by a number of graduate schools as part of the admissions criteria. The exam is computer-based and takes just over 1 hour to administer, and you will receive a preliminary score report at the end of the exam.

Cost for the MAT is a total of $70.00 (payable with check or bursar charge - checks should be made out to Miami University as PsychCorp charges us for MAT exams that are given.)

For more information about the MAT, visit the MAT/PsychCorp website.

Distance Learning Proctoring

Student Affairs provides exam proctoring for distance learning. The student is responsible for ensuring compliance with the course requirements and contacting this office with sufficient time to complete needed arrangements. Actions that usually need to be completed include proctor registration/certification and requesting exams to be to be sent. The student is responsible for the payment of the proctoring fee.

Other National Exam Programs - ACT, GRE, Praxis, and LSAT

Miami University is also a site for other national exam programs. While we coordinate the onsite administration for these exams, Miami is not responsible for registration, scheduling, or other aspects of the exams. All questions should be directed to the testing companies.

This office is unable to recommend or offer any test prep courses. You can learn more about appropriate preparation through your academic advisor, an internet search, or checking with your local library.

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