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Summer Orientation

As a first-year commuter student, one of the first steps to a successful transition to college is to attend one of the sixteen summer orientation sessions. You will have an opportunity to meet and speak with a Commuter Center representative at the resource fair. You can ask this individual questions that specifically relate to the life of a commuter student at Miami University. To learn more about summer orientation visit the web site at

First Year Seminars

Miami University is dedicated to providing opportunities that will assist first-year students in making a smooth transition from high school to college. Thus the creation of a new initiative at Miami called First-Year Seminars. These seminars are small classes designed to enhance your learning, increase the likelihood of forming a mentoring relationship with a faculty member, provide opportunities for you to meet and interact with other first-year students at Miami University, and fulfill Miami Plan Foundation requirements. To see a listing of First-Year Seminars being offered fall semester, visit the Office of Liberal Education website at .

First Year Institute

Prior to the beginning of the first week of classes, the First Year Institute will assist you in becoming acquainted with the University as well as other first year students. This is a series of events that take place in August before classes start, designed specifically for first-year students. The Commuter Center Staff will contact you in August about various meeting times and locations for some of the major FYI events. For more information on this program, please visit the Orientation website at

First Year Commuter Student Orientation

The Commuter Center Staff invites first year students each year to join us in attending University Convocation as a community. Immediately following Convocation, there is an orientation designed specifically for first-year commuter students and differs greatly from the University-wide orientations. During this time, the Commuter Center staff will take you on a tour of the Center and speak specifically about the services offered to you during the academic year.

Academic Advising

First-Year Commuter Students will receive academic advising from the Commuter Adviser Graduate Assistant. First year students are expected to to meet with their Academic Adviser at least once during the fall semester prior to registration. The adviser can assist students with questions regarding schedule adjustments; university policies, procedures, and requirements; spring semester advising and registration; and general resource information. Academic Advising begins during the third week of September, with the First Year Advising Workshops.

The First Year Advising Workshops (FYAW) are hour long sessions held in the Commuter Center. The purpose of the FYAW is to help you learn about University resources; Miami Plan, major, and divisional requirements; and your progress toward fulfillment of these requirements. These seminars are divided by academic divisions and it is important that you attend your specific session.

During this First Year Advising Workshop you will:

  • Learn about the process of academic advising at Miami University
  • Learn how to use the Degree Audit Report (DAR), the Guidebook for New Students, and the General Bulletin
  • Prepare for your academic advising appointment
  • Learn general information about the academic advising session
  • Sign up for your individual advising appointment

The FYAW is the first step in your academic advising; it is an expectation that you attend. Missing this crucial step could lead to a lack of preparation for your academic advising appointment later in the semester.

FYAW dates TBA.


Class Scheduling Tips

Here is some class scheduling advise from upperclass commuter students.

  • As a commuter student it is tempting to schedule your classes back to back, so you are only on campus for a block of time. However, running your classes together without any breaks or fitting them into one or two days a week can be a problem.
    • Fatigue can weaken your motivation and productivity in your classes that are towards the end of your block.
    • You may forget lecture material because there is no time to digest information between classes. It is also more tempting to skip a class to prepare for another.
    • Jamming classes into two days can make it difficult to finish
      assignments between those days you have class
    • If you are ill the day you have the majority of your classes, you will miss a significant amount of lecture and class material.
    • Having time before and after classes can give you time to relax, study, or meet new people in the Commuter Center. Having some extra time between classes is less stressful in the long run!

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