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Miami University Commuter Center
100 Shriver Center . 513-529-3431 .


Welcome to the Miami University Commuter Center!!

The Miami University Commuter Center, located in 100 Shriver Center, serves as a resource for Oxford campus students who commute to school from Oxford or the surrounding area.

The Commuter Center strives to promote an environment that is welcoming and conducive to academic achievement. The commuter student population on the Oxford campus is comparatively smaller than the residential student population here at Miami. These students bring with them a variety of backgrounds and experiences, as they may be first-year students, upper-class students, Evan's Scholars, students who have been relocated from the Hamilton or Middletown campuses, take classes at multiple campuses, or non-traditional* students.

In addition to its friendly atmosphere, the Commuter Center provides a variety of services and resources through its physical amenities and staff. The Center strives to create opportunities for students to connect to each other as well as the larger University community. Please take some time to scroll through the links on the left and explore all that the Commuter Center has to offer.

Contact Information:

Phone: 513.529.3431
Fax: 513.529.1846

*Non-traditional students are students who are over the age of 24, veterans of the armed services, returning to school after four or more years of employment, homemaking, and/or other activity, or may be assuming multiple roles such as parent, spouse/partner, employee, and student (Center for Adult Learner Services, Penn State University web site).