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Miami University - Office of the Registrar - Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification

The National Student Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse) acts as Miami University's authorized agent for providing degree verification for graduates and enrollment verification for students. Clearinghouse receives data electronically from Miami University and, in compliance with FERPA, dispenses the information electronically to requesting lending institutions, prospective employers, background investigation firms, and credit granting agencies.


Miami University reports awarded degrees to Clearinghouse approximately two weeks after graduation. Student enrollment and anticipated graduation dates are reported to Clearinghouse approximately every 30 days, during the Fall and Spring semesters, and twice during the Summer session.

Effective Fall Semester 2011, enrollment status for verification purposes will be based on the following number of actively registered credit hours:


Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Fulltime status:

12 or more credit hours

9 or more credit hours

Halftime status*:

6-11 credit hours

5-8 credit hours

Less than halftime status:

< 6 credit hours

< 5 credit hours

*For undergraduate aid award determination purposes, a three-quarter time student is registered for 9-11 credit hours.

Courses from which a student withdraws and in which s/he receives a grade of ‘W’ will not count in enrolled/actively registered hours when determining a student’s enrollment status.

Students are strongly encouraged to contact their lenders and insurance agents to determine continued eligibility for loan deferments and insurance coverage before taking an action that will drop their enrollment status below full-time.



Miami University has designated the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) as its authorized certifying agent. By accessing the self-service secure site at NSC, you may:

  • print enrollment verifications
  • view enrollment verifications that have been processed by Clearinghouse on your behalf
  • view your enrollment history
  • view processed loan deferments
  • obtain an individualized list of your lenders
  • link to real-time student loan information

Accessing the Clearinghouse Self-Service Secure Site:

  1. Open any supported browser and go to
  2. Log into myMiami by entering your MiamiUniqueID and MUnet password.
  3. Under the Miami Web Page Index (Quick Links), click "N".
  4. Under "N" Web Page Links on the right side of screen click the National Student Clearinghouse.
  5. Upon completion of site use, log off the National Student Clearinghouse secure site.
  6. Log off the myMiami page.

Printing an Enrollment Verification:

From the Clearinghouse secure site self-service menu:

  • select Obtain an Enrollment Certificate, and indicate whether it will be for the current term or for all terms of enrollment.

The self-service enrollment verifications can be used for health insurers, credit issuers, housing providers, and others seeking verification of your enrollment. All such verifications/certifications printed from the National Student Clearinghouse secure site are official and need no further institutional signatures or seals. The Clearinghouse enrollment verification/certification form is easily and clearly identifiable with the distinctive “tree” watermark.

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