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Purchasing Policy

All purchases and systems supporting these transactions should conform to the university's Purchasing Policy and Purchasing and Payment Handbook.

How to Buy

Miami Buyway is the preferred method for university purchases and can be used to issue Purchase Orders to suppliers. Miami Buyway also manages the Direct Pay Request process used for individuals and reimbursements. To log into Miami Buyway, use your unique ID CAPITALIZED as your username and your network/email password.

Click this link to login to Miami Buyway

Additional information on Miami Buyway, including user manuals, can be found on our Miami Buyway page.

When Miami Buyway is not a viable option, there are different methods to purchase goods or services on behalf of the university. These methods are discussed below.

Purchasing Card - The purchasing card is the preferred method for pre-payment transactions such as subscriptions, books, professional dues, conference registration, airline tickets, and business use hotel room charges. 

Link to PCard page

Preferred Suppliers

Miami University participates in the E&I and IUC, and as a member school, can take advantage of negotiated pricing based on all member schools' volume. In addition, Miami Purchasing has established pricing on other goods and services that are commonly used by the university to help expedite the buying process. Miami negotiated prices, and IUC and E&I contracted pricing, are loaded into Miami Buyway for you to view and make purchases against. For some services however, you may need to contact the supplier directly to make special arrangements. Click the links below for these types of services and follow the instructions provided.

Relocation/Moving Sevices - Please contact one of the following providers to arrange services. Once an estimated price is known, a purchase requisition should be entered into Miami Buyway for payment purposes.

Moving Service Providers