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        The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission was formed when President George Bush appointed a 21 member bipartisan body to identify the barriers involved in employment for women and minorities. After the Civil Rights Act of 1991, President Bush decided to review the concept of the "glass ceiling."
        The task of the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission was to conduct a study of advancement opportunities for women and minorities. Written reports were submitted to President Bush and divisions of the Congress containing the findings and conclusions of the study. There were to be recommendations for employers to improve this type of discrimination based on their findings.
        The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission found that (among many other results) the opportunities for women and minorities were not equal to the majority (whites and men). They also found that it is against the best interest of businesses to exclude women and minorities. They concluded that there is a misperception among the races. Stereotyping not only broadly categorizes members of groups, it is also usually a false perception.

To find out more about the Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, check out the website on their findings.

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