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Bridging The Gap of The Digital Divide:  Modern Prejudice and Prosocial Behavior -- April, 2000. Analysis by Stephanie Allen, Adam Richardson, Lisa Russell, and Robert Woods

bc42.gif (33822 bytes)    In a recent speech, President Clinton addressed the dilemmas of the digital divide. According to the President, minorities and those living in rural areas are falling drastically behind many Americans in the recent technological revolution. Clinton also discussed specific plans to provide these groups greater access to the tools of modern industry and education in order to insure these people possess the same means to advancement as other Americans. Groups such as Americorps and the American Library Association will receive substantial funding to begin volunteer programs for the sole purpose of helping the poor and Americans living in rural areas with an opportunity to participate in the modern world of high technology. This has connections with many social psychological principles such as prejudice/racism and prosocial behavior.

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