The Social Psychology of Cyberspace: Self and Community in the Age of the Internet

PSY 380.K

Miami University
Spring Semester, 2000

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Guidelines for Team Projects

Scope and Content

   The purpose of the team project is to provide an opportunity for you to explore collaboratively some aspect of our topic and to produce a final product that incorporates the views and efforts of all members of the team.  The project will be web-oriented -- the final product will be published on the course website and will remain active for at least two years.   It should therefore make effective use of web features, particularly hypertext linking and graphics.

    The focus of the project can be any topic that relates appropriately to the focus of the course.  In general terms, this means that it should include some social psychological component, broadly defined, and it should involve integrating and critically evaluating the available literature on the topic.  Some examples of topics might include:

    The general topic of your project must be approved by me. A one-page description of the topic is due electronically by February 18th.  It should include a working title, and it should provide enough detail to convey the scope and focus of the project.  The team topic titles and descriptions will be posted on the course website.  If two or more teams propose highly similar topics, we will follow the FIGIT principle (First In Gets It).


   There is no specific structure that is required, but a prototype might be a collection of 5-6 web pages interconnected by hypertext links.  Links to stable external sources might also be appropriate to add depth and richness to the project.  Graphical elements, such as photographs, diagrams, and artwork might also increase the effectiveness of your work.  [Note:  You must obtain written permission to use any graphic elements that will be included in your project.   If these elements are found on the www, email the creator of the element or its author and identify yourself as a student at Miami University doing a web project for Psy 380.K, give the url of the course website,  and offer to give credit to the author and to provide a link to the author's web page.  You must provide me with a copy of your original email to the author and the author's reply in order to include the element in your final project.]

    More specific details concerning maximum sizes of graphics,  uploading materials to our website, and other technical matters will be available later.


    The projects will be graded on the basis of appropriateness and rigor of content, creativity, effectiveness in using web technology, and documentation of collaboration.  The collaborative aspect of the project is important, and all members of the team must participate fully in the formulation and creation of the project.  The "division of labor" approach in which members work independently on isolated components is not acceptable -- you should structure your interactions and tasks so that knowledge is shared among team members.  Documentation of this can take many forms, including a jointly written description of the process, rough drafts in which member comments to each other are written in margins, etc.

    In thinking of the appropriate size and scope of the project relative to a desired grade, keep in mind that the project is a major component of the course, as reflected by its 30% weight, and by the fact that considerable class time has been devoted to it throughout the term.


   Feel free to consult with me at any time regarding research directions, technical advice, procedural details, etc.

Due Dates

    In addition to the topic description described above,  the teams will give an oral progress report to the class during the week of March 20th.  A final oral presentation will be made during the week of April 24th .  The final versions of the projects must be submitted electronically no later than 5 p.m. Monday, April 24th. Late projects will be downgraded 1/2 letter grade per day.  Details on how to submit the projects electronically will be provided later.

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