The Social Psychology of Cyberspace: Self and Community in the Age of the Internet

PSY 380.K

Miami University
Spring Semester, 2000

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Home Shopping: The Next Generation
A Critical Look at the Psychology of Electonic Commercehe Effects of the Internet on Higher Education

William Baird, Carlee Clark, Brandon Debes, Josh Roessler, Rylan Peters

    Basically, we wish to examine the many facets, both positive and negative, of electronic commerce on the Net today and the psychological aspects thereof. We plan to attack the topic by first giving a general overview of E-Comm as it is called and then further examining specific uses and trends in the area giving both the good and bad outcomes that may arrise from these trends. We also plan to discuss some of the broad topics of the social psychology of the Internet (Internet addiction for example) as they relate specifically to our topic. To conclude relevance to the course and to our purpose toward examining the issues as they pertain to real life, we will end with some remarks on the effects this area of the Internet will have on society.

Some specifics of our topic that we hope to address include the following:

To help maintain cohesiveness and flow, we will tie all of these aspects together under the common theme of non-traditional trade of goods. As evidenced in our working title, "Home Shopping: The Next Generation," our main psychological focus will be on the fact that all of this electronic commerce activity is conducted from the home, on both the proprietor and consumer ends. Upon further research of our topic, we may wish to revise the scope of our project. However, we leave it broadly defined at this time to allow for an open array of options.

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