The Social Psychology of Cyberspace: Self and Community in the Age of the Internet

PSY 380.K

Miami University
Spring Semester, 2000

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The Effects of the Internet on Higher Education

Brandon Doner, Jonathan Kahn, Alicia Phipps, Matt Vorell

    Within the short span of decade, the United States and nearly every developed country in the world recognized the importance getting up to speed with the benefits of the World Wide Web. The Internet has been perhaps the greatest change in the field of higher education since the conception of the university itself. Some of the areas where one can see the greatest effects of the Internet are the greater alternatives to traditional learning, the effects on modern universities and their students, and industries attitudes towards providing further education for its employees

    However, not all changes in higher education involving the Internet are restricted to colleges and universities. Many people want to explore the option of receiving their degree on-line. While this is a fairly new idea, many people are receiving their lessons over the Internet in hopes of earning their diploma without ever stepping foot on a college campus. While this may seem like a wonderful idea to both save money and enlighten one's mind, surely social drawbacks must exist.

    The institutions responded by having several fully functional computer labs across campus for student use at all hours, some even now require their students to furnish their own PC. In order to stay competitive and attract the best students, universities like Miami will need to stay on top of information age technology. Also, the focus of students may change as more see the advantage of Computer related degrees.

    Corporations also have seen the value of Internet literate employees as more are offering their people the option of taking classes on-line.

    Obviously, the effects of Internet on higher education are much broader than the few examples brought up here, however these are the issues that we plan to cover in our group presentation.


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