The Following works were used in the research and completion of our project.  They are listed in the order they appear in our project.  If you arrived at this page by clicking on a link embedded in the text, clicking your browser's "Back" button will return you to your reading.
 [Update Note:  In addition to the original sources for this tutorial listed below,  a 2008 study of  the impact of new media on youth is available from the MacArthur Foundation.]

Tapscott, Don.  Growing Up Digital. New York. McGraw Hill, 1998.

Cisler, Steve. Review of "Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation".

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Murray, Neil.  "Enter the Millennials"  Journal of Career Planning and Employment. Volume 57, number 3, Pages 38-42.

Howe, Neil and William Strauss."The New Generation Gap." The Atlantic Monthly December, 1992.

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All images used on these pages were either created by the group or are licensed Clipart.
This project was produced for Psy 380, Social Psychology of Cyberspace, Spring 1999,  at Miami University.

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