Utopian Visions of Microsoft

The original utopian views for the Internet are that it should be a free medium open to anyone who seeks to use it. These visions are employed by many including Microsoft Corporation. Their personal vision is to have a computer at every desk. Microsoft has taken this very seriously and is working in the United States and across the world to carry out their goal.

Some projects taken on by Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. include:

Microsoft Corporation also plays a leading role in helping other countries make use of this technology by implementing a network developed by Microsoft called the "Digital Nervous System." In concordance with Microsoft other nations are on their way in using computer technology to make life more efficient. These projects include:

Antitrust laws in the U.S. promote competition thereby preventing monopolies. Accusations of Microsoft being a monopoly cannot be true if competition in the industry is proven to exist.

Because of this recent scare, other companies worried about losing ground are becoming defensive and looking for faults in Microsoft. The biggest issue concerning Microsoft is with Windows 95 and the Internet Explorer. The issue at hand is whether Microsoft has violated the Department of Justice (DOJ) ruling in the 1995 Consent Decree.

Complete Overview

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