The Social Psychology of Cyberspace: Self and Community in the Age of the Internet

PSY 380.K

Miami University
Spring Semester, 2000

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Individual Project Guidelines

Scope and Content

  The individual project will provide you with an opportunity to investigate in depth some aspect of the course that is particularly interesting to you personally.  The topic can be almost anything related to the general theme of the course  -- the link between computer technology, self, and community --  so  long as it requires you to search out literature on the topic, rigorously evaluate and synthesize information, and produce a document that communicates your findings to others in a clear and effective manner.  The topic can be an extension of your group project (not simply a part of that project, though), or it can be entirely different.  You may certainly draw on work you have done in other contexts, but the current project must be unique to this course. 


    A variety of formats are possible,  including the familiar term paper (approximately 12-15 pages long).  Other options include creating an electronic term paper which would incorporate hypertext and hypermedia, and which would be "published" on our course web site (if you persue this option, see me for details on procedure and size limits).  In any case, an extended 1-2 page summary of your project must be submitted electronically and it will remain part of our course web site (under your authorship) for at least the next two years.


   A working title of your project and a one-page description of the topic and your approach is due electronically no later than Friday, February 18, 5 p.m. I will evaluate your description for appropriateness to the course and reasonableness of the approach.  Please feel free to consult with me prior to selecting a topic or at any time as you proceed with the project.

    A progress report of your project will be presented orally to the class during the week of March 20.  A final oral presentation (graded for clarity and effectiveness of communication) will be during the week of April 26.  The final written or electronic version of the project, including a 2-page electronic extended summary, is due no later than 5 p.m. Friday, April 28.  Late projects will be downgraded 1/2 letter grade per day.


    The projects will be evaluated in terms of appropriateness and rigor of content, creativity, and the thoroughness and clarity with which the topic is addressed.  Because formats of the projects may vary, it is difficult to specify how "big" the project should be to earn a high grade.  However, a basis of comparision might be that a standard term paper (double spaced, 1-inch margins, etc.) would likely require 12-15 pages to provide an in-depth analysis of the level expected here.  Also keep in mind that the project is a major component of the course, as reflected in its 30% weight and the encouragement you have had to work on it continuously throughout most of the term. 

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