by Leslie Simon

   Imagine if on the sixth day, along with the creation of man and woman, God created technology.  Would instant message with the daily chores and tasks?  Would Eve be tempted by the slithering habit of surfing the net, causing Eve’s attention to be transferred from Adam?  Would the World Wide Web act as the serpent’s apple, exposing Eve to a plethora of information and possibilities?

   How would mankind survive and fend if technology was an initial achievement?

    Fortunately, or unfortunately as some may see it, computer science in relation to online communication has not been fully developed until recent times but its impact has definitely made a powerful dent on mankind as we know it.

Who's Using the Internet?
Gender Specific Communication
How does Cyberspace Affect Gender Roles in the
American Family?


picture used with permission from Marie A. Karr

From the Flinstones to the Jetsons:
How Technology is Sprocketing the American Family into the New Millennium

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The Cyber-Struggle Between Parents and Children by Julie Carvey Computer and Internet Demographics 
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