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Staff Development


We have moved! Staff Development is now located at 424 Wells Mill Drive. All Staff Development courses will be located at the new center. Below is a link to the BCRTA bus routes, the Staff Development Center is on the Tollgate Loop Purple.

The Staff Development unit of the Department of Human Resources, located in Boyd Hall, is available to assist you in reaching your career goals at Miami University.

Opportunities are available to each staff member to enhance their job-related talents, knowledge, and skills. Miami University actively supports participation in learning opportunities as part of the University’s culture of continuous learning.

The Burkhouse Staff Development Center offers resources and learning opportunities for individual growth, job enrichment, and preparation for potential job development.

Brenda Curry, MA
Senior Human Resources Generalist
126 Staff Development Center

Becky Dysart, MS, SPHR
Director of Staff Development
130 Staff Development Center

Rachael Rude
Senior Personnel Technician
125 Staff Development Center

Jeff Shaver
Senior Human Resources Generalist
128 Staff Development Center

Kristin Taylor
Senior Personnel Technician
125 Staff Development Center


Lean Leader Certification Program

Miami Lean Leader Certification Program
The purpose of the Lean Leader Certification is intended to provide staff with knowledge to create a sustainable lean environment. Lean leaders are provided with the opportunity develop a solid foundation of lean principles that enables them with the tools to share lean methodologies and expertise with their home department and others as the lean culture continues to grow.

Miami Lean Leader Program