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Instructions for using the online parking permits system:

  1. Click the "Online Parking Services" icon at the bottom of the page to enter the system.

  2. Enter your Miami University UniqueID and password to access your parking record.

  3. Select the "Fall Semester 2014-15" term in BannerWeb.

  4. Please enter a contact phone number and agree to the terms if prompted.

  5. Select "Permit Registration"

  6. You may see a list of previous permits, click "continue."

  7. Please select the type of permit you wish to purchase from the drop down menu and click "continue." Please note: if the permit you wish to purchase is not available online (i.e., faculty/staff sticker, motorcycle) you will need to come to the parking services office to purchase that type of permit. If you would like to purchase a daytime parking garage access card in addition to your parking permit, select the appropriate combination; you may only choose one permit type to purchase.

  8. Select ALL the vehicles you would like to register with this permit. If you need to add a new vehicle, please do so at the bottom of this page.

  9. If you are eligible for a pre-tax permit, your permit will be automatically taken from your payroll before taxes. You will be taken to a printable temporary permit which you may use until your new permit arrives after pressing "Confirm Purchase of Permit."

  10. If you are not eligible for a pre-tax permit, you will be asked to choose a payment method. Follow the prompts to finish your purchase and you will be directed to a printable temporary permit which you may use until your new permit arrives. Please note: faculty and staff permits will be mailed to campus addresses, students must pick up their permits at the Parking & Transportation Services Office.

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Online Parking Services