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Department of Philosophy

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"It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak, and another to hear."

Graduate Program

The MA is a two-year program, designed to provide both broad competence in philosophy and depth in areas of student choosing. Our program provides a rigorous grounding in philosophy and an opportunity to prepare for further graduate study. We have been very sucessful at placing our graduates in Ph.D Programs.

The philosophy faculty as a whole has a diverse array of interests, although many of us have an interest and professional competence in the history of philosophy and our program emphasizes the development of competence in this area.  Our various interests and specialties allow us to offer courses in the traditions of both Continental philosophy and Analytic philosophy, as well as in the history of philosophy generally, understood as the common ground of both traditions.  Our graduate students are similarly diverse in the range of their philosophical interests.

The atmosphere is congenial and intellectually vital, and individual attention is readily available.  The number of graduate students in residence at a given time has been about 6-8.  Our seminars encourage intellectual community both among students and between faculty and students.  We also have a lively colloquium series .

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