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About the Winter Term Survey

In the 2013-2014 school year, Miami University introduced its first winter term. The winter term, which takes place during January, is approximately three weeks long and creates opportunities for students to expand their academic options. One of several methods used to assess the success of the winter term is the Winter Term Survey.

Population: 1) All students on all campuses were invited to participate, including those who enrolled in a winter term course and those who did not enroll in the winter term (but did enroll in the fall/spring terms). Both undergraduates and graduate students were invited to participate. (Note: In the first year of the Winter Term Survey (2014), only enrolled students were invited to participate in the survey.) 2) All faculty who taught a course during the winter term.

Topics: Satisfaction with the overall winter term experience as well as specific aspects of the winter term (e.g., academics, on-campus services such as dining halls), perceptions of the winter term workload, implications of the winter term on student enrollment in future terms, reasons for enrolling (or not enrolling) in the winter term (students only), and feedback about the design of future winter terms

Related Surveys: N/A

Years available: 2014 - 2016

Questionnaire: Registered Students Survey; Unregistered Students Survey; Faculty Survey


Select Winter Term Survey Results

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2016 Executive Summary (Registered Students and Faculty)


2016 Enrolled Winter Term Students

Graduate Students (all campuses)

Oxford Campus Undergraduates

Regional Campus Undergraduates


2016 Unregistered Students

Oxford Campus Undergraduates

Regional Campus Undergraduates


2016 Winter Term Faculty

Oxford Campus Faculty

Regional Campus Faculty


Assessment Briefs using Winter Term Survey Results

Student and Faculty Experiences in the 2014 Winter Term (Assessment Brief #81, March 10, 2014)


For information on student enrollments in the Winter Term, visit the Winter Enrollments section of the Fact Book.


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