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The following surveys and assessments were conducted previously at Miami University, but are no longer being administered.

Alumni Surveys - Recent Alumni Survey and Established Alumni Survey

Population: The Alumni Surveys are administered to alumni from all Miami campuses who received a degree from Miami (undergraduate or graduate-level). The Recent Alumni Survey is administered to alumni who graduated approximately one year prior to the survey. The Established Alumni Survey is administered to alumni who graduated either five or ten years prior to the survey.
Topics: Career development, post-Miami education, skills developed while at Miami and the importance of these skills to alums' current career, personal development while at Miami, overall evaluation of their Miami education
Related Surveys: The Recent Alumni Survey and Established Alumni Survey are designed to be paired with each other and with the Graduation Survey. The Post-Graduation Follow-Up Project also collects educational and career placement information about Miami University alumni.
Years available: 2012, 2013
Questionnaire: Recent Alumni Survey; Established Alumni Survey

(Miami University) Campus Climate Survey

Population: Students, faculty and staff
Topics: Perceptions of the campus climate as related to gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation
Related Surveys: NA
Years available: 1996 and 2002

CLA+ - Collegiate Learning Assessment

Population: First-year students and seniors on the Oxford campus
Topics: Open-ended, written test of analytic reasoning and evaluation, writing effectiveness, writing mechanics, and problem solving
Related Surveys: NA
Years available: 2010-11 and 2013-14
Assessment Tool: Sample tasks and writing prompts are available at

Graduate Student Survey

Population: Graduate students
Topics: Graduate student experiences and satisfaction
Related Surveys: NA
Years available: 2005
Questionnaire: Available at



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