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About the CIRP Freshman Survey

A national survey administered by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), the CIRP Freshman Survey is a long-standing annual survey in which hundreds of institutions participate. Miami has participated since 1970. Some of the questions have changed over the years, but in general the survey provides a good snapshot of incoming freshmen views (about politics, social issues, their high school preparation, their goals for college and life, etc.) and behaviors, as well as the ability to look at trends over time.

Population: Incoming first-year students on the Oxford campus

Topics: A variety of subjects ranging from students' political views to their study habits in high school

Related Surveys: The CIRP is a national survey designed to be paired with the YFCY and CSS

Years available: Annually from 1971 - 2014. Next administration: 2017

Questionnaire: Available at


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2013 CIRP Results

The information below is based on the responses of fall 2013 incoming first-year students on the Oxford campus of Miami University. Also included are trend data for Miami first-year students for the past 5-30 years and comparison results for students at other highly selective public institutions.

Demographic and Academic Profile

College Choice and Expectations

Community Service

Diversity Issues

Finances and Financial Beliefs

Health and Wellness (including Alcohol Use)

Political Beliefs and Activities

Religious Preferences and Behaviors


2011 CIRP Results

Incoming Domestic and International Students' Expectations, Behaviors, and Beliefs


Assessment Briefs using CIRP Results

Assessment of Diversity Awareness at Miami (Brief #53, Aug. 2010)

Did You Know? Quick Facts about the Oxford Campus Class of 2013 (Brief #45, Aug. 27, 2009)

Did You Know? Quick Facts about the Oxford Class of 2012 (Brief #38, Sep. 12, 2008)

What Do the Data Say about Study Abroad and Second Language Learning? (Brief #34, Jan. 31, 2008)

Did You Know? Quick Facts about the Oxford Campus Class of 2011/Regional Campus Students (Brief #28, Sep. 12, 2007)

Did You Know? Quick Facts about This Year's Incoming Students (Brief #20, Sep. 25, 2006)

Celebrating Miami! Positive Feedback from Miami University Seniors (Brief #8, Apr. 27, 2005)

First Year Students: A Profile of This Year's Class (Brief #6, Mar. 17, 2005)


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