Institutional Research
Surveys and Assessments

Assistance with Surveys, Focus Groups, and Other Assessments or Research Projects

The Office of Institutional Research provides assistance to individuals, departments, and offices who are:

1) Conducting surveys, focus groups, or other similar projects with Miami University students, faculty or staff for research or assessment purposes.

2) Seeking data to complete external surveys about their department or program (e.g., surveys from professional associations or college guidebooks).

For assistance conducting surveys and other assessments, including forms for requesting email lists for survey samples, visit our Assessment and Research Assistance page.


Surveys and Assessments Conducted by the Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research is involved in the preparation, administration and dissemination of a variety of student, faculty and staff surveys at Miami University. The IR Office conducts both locally-developed surveys as well as national surveys that allow comparisons of Miami students and faculty members with benchmark institutions. Many of the results from these surveys are woven into the narrative of Miami's Accreditation Self-Study Report.

Provided below is a list of ongoing surveys and assessments conducted by the Office of Institutional Research. Results from the surveys may be obtained by contacting the Office of Institutional Research.

For information on past surveys and assessments that are no longer being conducted, please visit our list of Inactive Surveys and Assessments.





BCSSE - Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement

Incoming first-year students on the Oxford campus

High school academic and co-curricular experiences; students' expectations about the educational activities in which they will participate during their first year of college

CIRP Freshman Survey

Incoming first-year students on the Oxford campus

A variety of subjects ranging from students' political views to their study habits in high school

Campus Climate Survey

All students, faculty and staff on all campuses

The "One Miami" Campus Climate Survey is a project designed to evaluate the experience of the current campus climate by all members of our community. The goal of this project is multifold: 1) identify successful initiatives, 2) uncover any challenges facing members of our community, and 3) develop strategic initiatives to build on the successes and address the challenges.

CSS - College Senior Survey

Graduating seniors on the Oxford campus (1998 - current year) and regional campuses (beginning in 2014)

Cognitive and affective growth during the college years

FSSE - Faculty Survey of Student Engagement

(2004 - 2013) Oxford campus faculty members; (2015) Beginning in 2015, the FSSE was administered to faculty members on all Miami campuses

Perceptions of the activities in which students participate; the nature of faculty-student interactions; faculty members' organization of their time

Graduation Survey

Graduating students, including undergraduates and graduate students, on all Miami campuses

Plans for after graduation, including educational and career plans; activities in which students participated while at Miami

HERI Faculty Survey

Faculty members and administrators on all Miami campuses

Job satisfaction; workload; teaching methods

New Alumni Success Project
(previously called the Post-Graduation Follow-Up Project)

Alumni who graduated during the previous academic year

Post-graduation educational and career placement

NSSE - National Survey of Student Engagement

(2000 - 2013) Oxford campus first-year students and seniors in the spring semester; (2015) Beginning with the 2015 administration, the NSSE was administered to bachelor's degree-seeking first-year students and seniors on all Miami campuses

Students' academic experiences and satisfaction; includes questions such as the number of term papers they wrote for courses, the level of academic challenge they perceive in courses, etc.

Student Satisfaction Survey

Degree-seeking, Oxford campus undergraduates as well as Oxford undergraduates in the American Culture and English (ACE) Program

Students' sense of belonging at Miami and their satisfaction with student support structures at the university (e.g., academic advising, Career Services, IT)

Winter Term Survey

All undergraduate and graduate students on all campuses, including those who enrolled in a winter term course and those who did not enroll in the winter term (but did enroll in the fall/spring terms). (Note: In the first year of the Winter Term Survey (2014), only enrolled students were invited to participate in the survey.) Also includes all faculty who taught a course during the winter term.

Satisfaction with the overall winter term experience as well as specific aspects of the winter term (e.g., academics, on-campus services such as dining halls), perceptions of the winter term workload, implications of the winter term on student enrollment in future terms, reasons for enrolling (or not enrolling) in the winter term (students only), and feedback about the design of future winter terms

YFCY - Your First College Year

First-year students in their second semester of college, including Oxford campus students (2002 - current year) and regional campus students (beginning in 2014)

Students' academic and social adjustment to college



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