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2017-2018 Fact Book: Explanation of Degrees Awarded Terms

The tables and charts in this section pertain to degrees awarded at Miami University.

Degree data is presented by academic year and includes degrees awarded between July 1 and June 30 of the specified year (i.e., summer 2016, fall 2016, winter 2017, and spring 2017). If a student is awarded more than one degree, each degree is counted.

In the past, Miami University has reported all degrees awarded to IPEDS (i.e., federal reporting) at the Oxford campus level with a parent-child relationship which gave 4% of degrees to Hamilton and 4% of degrees to Middletown.

Beginning with the 2014-15 degrees awarded, Miami reports degrees awarded for each campus using the following methodology that the Office of Institutional Research developed in conjunction with the Regional Campuses.

Regional Campuses: All degrees and certificates that belong to CLAAS as well as all associate's degrees (regardless of division) are reported as either Hamilton or Middletown. The campus is assigned based on the campus where the student has the largest number of credit hours earned. If there is a tie, then the student's entering campus will be used.

Oxford Campus: All degrees other than associate's degrees or those belonging to CLAAS will be reported as Oxford campus.


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