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2015-2016 Fact Book: Explanation of Admissions Terms

The tables and charts in this section all pertain to the fall semester entering freshman class, including full- and part-time students. With the exception of the number of students "applied" and "accepted," which is provided by the Office of Admissions, all information is based upon an Oct. 15 snapshot of enrolled students.

Acceptance and Yield Rates: The Acceptance Rate identifies the percentage of applicants who were accepted into Miami University. The Yield Rate identifies the percentage of accepted students who enrolled at Miami University.

Test Scores: The SAT and ACT scores reported are the highest scores reported by each individual. If individual students submit both SAT and ACT scores, only their highest score is included (consistent with Admissions policies). In Fall 2015, 84% of incoming freshmen submitted ACT scores; 25% submitted SAT scores. The percentage of students submitting SAT scores has steadily declined for the last few years.

High School Rank: 39% of new freshmen reported a high school rank in 2015. This percentage has steadily decreased during the time period included in the 7-year history tables (2009 - 2015). Note that some high schools do not rank students.


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